Filò Awards

These awards recognize women of Italian heritage in the Ottawa area who are an inspiration and role model for other women in the community.

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The Maria Ierullo Award
The Rosa Tiezzi Award
The Jennie Prosperine Award

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This award is presented for outstanding service to our community at large.

Maria Ierullo dedicated herself to community service and social activism based on her deep faith. She was an active member of St. Anthony's Church. Her community work included organizing prenatal clinics for young Italian women and helping people get a fair price for their properties in the 1960s, when homes in the Booth/Preston Street area were being expropriated. In the summer of 2005, Maria passed away. Angela Ierullo, her daughter, has generously donated the Maria Ierullo Award for community service.

2015 Recipient: Michelina Celluci

Past Recipients:

2014: Anita Alloggia
2013: Ivana Baldelli
2012: Maria Savianne-Chubb
2011: Paolina Violante
2010: Adalgisa Chiappa
2009: Fulvia Marcantonio
2008: Pierangela Pica
2007: Antonietta Avanzini-Kondrat
2006: Olita Schultz
2005: Rita Costantini
2004: Maria Bonacci

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This award is presented for contributions to the community by promoting Italian culture.

Rosa Tiezzi was one of the founders of Gruppo Anziani now located at 10 Balsam Street. Through her efforts in contacting women directly, she was able to fully involve them in social and recreational activities. In the spring of 2002, Rosa passed away. In her eulogy she was eloquently described as being strong and gentle. The Rosa Tiezzi Award for community service has been generously donated by her son, Italo Tiezzi.

2015 Recipient: Cynthia Nuzzi

Past Recipients:

2014: Josephine Palumbo
2013: Renata Coppola
2012: Brunetta Filipponi
2011: Filomena Gulli
2010: Anna D'Angelo
2009: Vittoria Bucciarelli
2008: Pat Adamo
2007: Maddalena Iannitti
2006: Giovanna Panico
2005: Angelina Mangone
2004: Suore Serve Di Maria Addolorata De Nocera (the Servite Sisters)

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This award is presented for social service to the community.

Jennie Prosperine was one of the first women to be recognized at the first Ottawa Italian Women's Filò in 2003. She was dedicated to helping members of Ottawa's small Italian community and newly arrived immigrants from Italy, who came after World War II. In June of 2007, Jennie passed away. The Jennie Prosperine Award for community service has been generously donated by her daughter, Nancy-Lou Prosperine.

2015 Recipient: Anna Maria Morrone

Past Recipients:

2014: Milva Perri-Kennedy
2013: Graziella Laboccetta
2012: Carla Minoli-Lappa
2011: Matilde Zinni
2010: Trina Costantini-Powell
2009: Nina della Zazzera-D'Onofrio
2008: Raffaela Plastino

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Who can be Nominated?

Italian-Canadian women over the age of 18 in the Ottawa region.

Nominees must demonstrate commitment to community service and significant contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of the Italian community.

Questions to Consider:

  • What volunteer work has the nominee performed?
  • List the community organizations with which the nominee has volunteered.
  • How long has she volunteered? What was her role in the organization?
  • What impact has her contribution made to the betterment of the Italian community?
  • How has the nominee inspired other in the Italian community?

How do I Submit a Nomination?

Please forward nominations to Isa Truglia at or by mail to 1312 Notting Hill Ave., Ottawa ON, K1V 6T4. For any questions please call Isa at 613-722-9173.

Nominations must consist of:

  • a letter signed by two people from the community
  • same letter signed by the nominee accepting the nomination
  • a two-page maximum description of the person being nominated
  • any additional letters of support and related material may be attached(optional - maximum 3 additional letters)

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